Minority For The Masses -The Album

by Minority For The Masses

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Minority For The Masses - The Album - Featuring remixed and mastered songs from their previous E.P'S and 5 new songs !


released June 8, 2015

All music and lyrics written and arranged by Minority For The Masses ( with additional guitar parts and orchestral composition by Jared Gunston ) .Recorded by Producer / Mixer and Musician Jared Gunston .



all rights reserved


Minorityforthemasses1 Durban, South Africa

Minority For The Masses is a 4-Piece: Alternate Rock band from Durban ,South Africa. Formed at about the beginning of 2011 consisting of Jon Perry ( Guitar / Vocals ) , Jake Blackwell ( Guitar / Vocals ) ,Matthew Baxter ( Bass / Backing Vocals ) and Jarred Baney ( Drums ) .

We have gone on Hiatus ( perhaps indefinitely ) We thank everyone who has supported us and the music we have made
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Track Name: Your Way
Chorus - You always get your way ! , there's nothing left to say , something deep inside keeps saying run and hide , free from all this pain , there's nothing left today , fear of what maybe lost , you always get your way !
I don't know ! , and I don't care ! , cause things are lost , you cant repair

Your way !

Verse 1
Met this man on a dirty road , he told me that my heart could be sold , to the sound of freedom a dream ! , the things in life that can never be owned , he told me you can never live , without the idea that music can give , to the choice of expressing your anger , the only thing you're after
I know I'm not your blood and this is how you always show it ! , I'm always trying to run , trying to find a way to overcome it , feeling lost and nerves that are frayed from my hesitation's , and if i drop my guard then i better leave the conversation !

Verse 2
Now it seems I'm left with this ! , opportunist or a pessimist ? , from the depths of my great heart , the fire inside I'm willing to start , the man called from across the hall , he said " son what do you recall ? " , I'm told him that , I could no longer see , what this life really means to me ?
I know I'm not your blood and this is how you always show it ! , I'm always trying to run , trying to find a way to overcome it , feeling lost and nerves that are frayed from my hesitation's , and if you drop your guard then you better leave the conversation !

Something inside ...
Track Name: Useless Tool
Cause you had me on my hands and knees ,it was so easy for you !
cause your blaming me thinking your free! , your wasting your time !

CHORUS- Who do you think I am ? , I'm falling for you!
some stupid fool ? , I'm falling for you !
you make me feel like I am ! , I'm falling for you !
some useless tool ! , I'm falling for you !

Now I'm left here stoned in silence , and i cant seem to decide for you , cause your blaming me , thinking your free your wasting your time !

Now you see it in yourself ! , Its only the reason inside is death ! , I'm falling for you !
Track Name: Time Of Your Life
Verse 1 : You’ve been driving all night , wanting to fight , It’s always a test for me , I’m so sick of this nightmare nothing is right here , you always come down on me ..Always come down on me ..

Verse 2 : I am feeling the torture ,what is the point here , I feel like I’m not free , what is left to decide here , I might as well die here , I’ll let you decide for me

Cause you’ve been pushing , pushing ,pushing my limits

Verse 3 : For the tenth time today yeah , I watch as you fool me faking your misery ! ,so I hope that you having the time of your life and wont you just bury me !

Chorus : I hope you having the time of your life yeah , cause this time is going to be your home flight yeah ! , hope you having the time of your life ,got to break free and let go , don’t be afraid , just carry on this is your reason
Track Name: The Beast And The Gun
Verse 1 : The blackening moon the fiery sun , total eclipse they are one ,It’s blackening eye , It’s fierce smile , the beast and man they are one .

I question why ? in this life I’m living , fighting wars that I just shouldn’t be in , I gauge this loss as If I’ve been winning , load this gun as If I’m not sinning

Verse 2 : The shadow appears from the south It’s evil grin and It’s deadly mouth , I feel It’s eyes over me It takes control and sets me free

Chorus : The Beast and the gun ! always behind me ,just one more nightmare , so fire wont you! , fire wont you ! , those fears that I had , before they all gone , the mind of the man , so fire wont you ! fire wont you !

Fire !!!!
Track Name: Tequila Destroyer
One tequila , two tequila , three tequila - floor
four, five , six tequila , seven tequila more !

Put the shots on the table and line them up straight
Got a real bad temper and there’s no-one left to hate
Let the worm out the bottle you’re going insane
The salt and the lemon corrupting up my brain !

Now I'm seeing double shall I have a little more ?
Cause tequila is like the devil and its laughing as you fall !

You want me to fall again

tequilaaaaaa destroyyyer !!
Track Name: Say
SAY SAY SAY ! ( left too ! )

Verse 1
Iv'e come here with something to say ! , don't you stand in my way ! , cause somethings gonna snap today , come on we got hell to pay ! , freedom is taken to far ! , so come on lets raise the bar ! , no one has worked so hard , you gotta stand up to make it this far !

Free me now ! , come take my hand ! and walk me thru this life again ! , stuff the fools , ill take a stand ! , or ill be caught out once again ! -
Take a stand now I'm falling , hear the name you calling out ! , nothing left for me to SAY !

Verse 2
Now we all left right here ! , no one gonna drink my beer ! , shut up ! or ill take it too far ! , keep pushing me just way to hard ! , sometimes I need the pain , to make me feel human again ! , but now Its just insane ! , picking my brain I got to SAY !

Iv'e come so far !, Iv'e come so far , Iv'e come so far - I ain't going back !
Iv'e come to SAY ! , Iv'e come to SAY ! ,Iv'e come to SAY ! ,yeah this is me !
Track Name: Reach For The Stars
Verse 1
I’ve been hanging out of sight , just hoping to feel a change , a change of fortune , a change to my scene . a chance to turn the page , cause what started out as good has descended so slowly …but wait ..cause maybe I forced it , maybe I lost it , maybe I’m just to late ?

Verse 2
Out of sight and mind , is just what it used to be , like a sucker for torture , the Achilles to my heal , it’s getting much harder to see , but I won’t lose my hold , I’ve been clutching this edge so long… yeah I’m gonna make it , I got to just take it , I got to just carry on …

Verse 3
I’ve been hanging out of sight , just hoping to feel that change , a change to my fortunes , a change to my scene . a chance to turn that page , cause what started out as good has descended so slowly …but wait ..cause maybe I forced it , maybe I lost it , maybe I’m just to late … !

We always reach for the stars ,my mind is fading , it’s been this way from the start , and still I’m waiting , why do I reach for the stars , in vain I’m sailing when will I wake up and find my way through the night ....
Track Name: Punk It Up
Verse 1
When I’m walking down the street I gotta , find some time , some time for me ! , you better act your size and see you better ! , I want ,I need, I gotta rock the show , I push , I punch , I won’t let this go , you better move or the pain will be slow , you better !

Verse 2
Your so pathetic and my anger grows , we all know the feeling of letting go , I drew you In now my temper shows you better ! , the final ending and the curtains close , I watched you bleeding from head to toe , like a killer you’ve watched me grow you better !

So punk it up ! , punk it , punk it up and jump , punk it up , punk it up , punk it up and jump !

Punk it up !!!!!
Track Name: No Guts No Glory
Verse 1
Stuck here In these trenches , face to face with this madness , my heat taking my gladness , hard to control facing my soul , running In guns are a blazing , remembering there's nothing worth saving , finding time It keeps on frustrating , hating this cold intentions are bold !

No Guts No Glory ! , The same old story ! , no chains can hold me ! , hold me down , this is it ! , this is it !

Verse 2
Blood and sweat are dripping through these fingers , finding hate I gotta let It linger , holding on clawing to this cliff here , bracing for dawn integrity torn , Guts and Glory ! , taking another victim , another fool thinking he's something , Gotta gamble and know Its worth risking , out of control losing my hold !

Sing it out ! , shout it out ! , scream it ! 1 2 3 , tell the world ! , make it swirl , bring it to It's knees !
Track Name: MFTM
All this croc ! , I don’t want it
Part of their flock ! , I don’t need it
When will it stop ?, I vomit !
Where is the rock ? , to save us
A youth that is lost ! , and ages
Integrity lost ! , contagious
Where is the rock ?

Minority for the masses authority is a riot !

Stopping the rot ! ,not easy
Talking the talk ! , so cheesy
Walking the walk ! , to breezy
Emo has mocked ! , the makers
Of classic rock !, who saved us
From anal pop ! , good gracious where is the rock ?

Minority ! , Authority ! for the masses !!
Track Name: Hold Me Down
Verse 1
When your dreaming , your only sleeping , when you’re seeing you only believing

So why don’t , why don’t , why don’t , why don’t you wanna know ? , I’m sick and tired of always trying to let this go , stand up ,stand up, stand up , stand up and let it show , and take what you throw !

Verse 2
When your bleeding , your only feeling , when your breathing , your only relieving

Chorus : You can’t hold me down I got nothing left to prove ! , when you feel the silence , creeping up on you !

Hold me down ! - You try - hold me down

Creeping up , creeping up yeah
Hold me down ….
Track Name: Hair Of The Dog
Wake up in the morning you’re blurry eyed ,
Your face is red you can’t remember ,
Things you said or what you done ,
She’s lying there with her dress undone ,
Head feels like a bowling ball ,
Your mouth is breathing from its only lung !
Gotta find my way through !
Gotta find my way through !
I take my time , and that's just fine !
You show me yours , I’ll show you mine !
What does it take ? , to end this ache !
Sobriety's fine... but I need a drink !

Hair of the dog, we are the dog ! , hair of the dog , we are the dog !
(Low) like Cerberus the hound of hell !
(Low)The human race caught in a spell !

Gotta get me up with a stumble ,
Gotta break this silence with a mumble ,
Legs feel weak I wanna crumble ,
Get that beer to make me humble ,
Memories start a rolling by ,
God I think I wanna die ,
Things I did , oh why did I ?
Hair of the dog to feel alive !

Track Name: Dead End
Keep staring at a Dead End ....! staring at a dead end

Verse 1
For all of you who have lost your way , feeling empty everyday , who you are will never change , realize you've much to gain , I'm searching for more ! , to settle the score ! , could this be real or just in my head ? , things that where said...

Verse 2
All of you who have felt the same , the worlds the only thing to blame , pain in time it will subside , Dead End coming you cannot hide ! , I'm breaking the bond , changing the norm , this is your life that you've made it ! , now you're fading

Cause its these lies I'm living , and that Dead End is coming ! , oh like a storm its brewing , I don't know what I'm doing ?
I don't what I'm doing ? , that Dead End is coming , giving up not an option ! , free these lies just to show them !